Prepositions: Time

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How do you tell time? Do you use a clock, watch, or maybe sundial? How do you tell someone else when you did something? There are special words that tell time in sentences, and you'll learn them now!



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Can you find the preposition in the sentence below? What does it tell you?

He was on time for school.

The preposition in the sentence above is the word "on."

This preposition is used to describe time.

What type of prepositions did you learn about in the previous Related Lessons? Tell your parent or teacher. If you missed the previous Related Lessons or need to review, they can be found in the right-hand sidebar.

In this lesson, you will learn all about prepositions that are used to describe the time something is occurring. For example, he read his book before lunch.

boy reading

There are many prepositions that can be used to describe time. Ask your parent or teacher to help you read the list of prepositions below:

  • after
  • ago
  • at
  • before
  • by
  • for
  • from
  • in
  • on
  • past
  • since
  • till
  • to
  • until

All of the prepositions you had read to you can be used to describe the time in which something is happening. You will use these prepositions all throughout this lesson.

Are you ready to look at some examples? Fantastic!

Look at the example of the family below. Read the sentence above the picture aloud to your parent or teacher. The preposition in the sentence is bolded:

They will sing "Happy Birthday" in one minute!

birthday party

The preposition "in" tells you about the time the family will sing "Happy Birthday."

Check out another example. See if you can find the preposition that shows time in the sentence below. Read the sentence aloud to your parent or teacher and find the preposition:

The girl has to wait until five for dinner.

hungry girl

The preposition "until" tells you how long it will be until dinner is ready.

Can you find the preposition in the next sentence? Read the sentence aloud to your parent or teacher and find the preposition:

They can only play outside before dark.

kids playing

The word "before" tells you when the children can play outside. Did you find the preposition? If so, great work! If not, don't worry; you will get some more practice.

Before moving on to the Got It? section, tell your parent or teacher a sentence that contains a preposition about time. For example, you can talk about what you do at certain times during the day.

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