Capital Man Saves the Day

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The Lowercase Goblin took over Grammar World by turning all capital letters into lowercase! Help Capital Man by capitalizing the days of the week. First, practice with a song, writing, and a project!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's Capital Man!

Capital Man

The bad guy, Lowercase Goblin, has turned every capital letter into a lowercase letter!

Capital Man has an important job -- making sure all the words that need to start with a capital letter do so again. Then all will be right in the World of Grammar!

Days of the week are important words that start with a capital letter!

  • Can you recite your days of the week?

Tell your parent or teacher as many days as you know. Then, review the days of the week with this KIDS TV 123 Days of the Week Song video. Sing along with the song to practice:


  • Do you remember which letter of each day of the week was capitalized?

If you said the first letter, then you are correct! The first letter in each day of the week should be capitalized.

Looking at the words below, point to each capital letter you see. Say the name of the letter out loud to your parent or teacher:








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