Bugs Are Important!

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Do bugs bug you? Should insects stay outside? Do some scare you or make you happy? Bugs are small but very important! Let us introduce you to some of them and show you how to build a fancy bug house!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Have you ever seen a bug? Do you have a favorite, or one that you are afraid of?


  • Did you ever think about why they exist (especially mosquitos)?

Believe it or not, bugs are of vital importance to our life cycle. Bugs help grow flowers, make honey, and even provide nourishment for birds and other creatures.

Ask a parent or teacher about their favorite bugs. Ask them which ones they are scared of, and why.

  • How many bugs can you think of?

Using your notebook, list as many as you can and record the answers to the questions you asked your parent or teacher. To further enhance your knowledge on bugs, watch this Insects & Bugs. A short film by Rowen Hagen video (NOTE: This is a silent video). Use your notebook to take additional notes:


Now, bug on over to the Got It? section to further inspect insects!

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