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The earth is a magnet? How? What does that mean? You will explore magnets and how they attract and repel other items through videos, online games, a magnet activity, and creating your own compass!


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The earth is a great big magnet! Really!

Earth's magnetic field

The imaginary lines in the picture above are the earth’s magnetic field.

  • How is the earth a magnet?
  • What is a magnet?

In this lesson you will explore magnets, how magnets attract and repel, and objects that are attracted to magnets. You will use videos and online resources; complete a hands-on activity; and create your own compass.

Begin by watching Magnetism | The Dr. Binocs Show to learn about magnetism, how magnets can attract and repel at poles, and how objects are attracted to magnets:

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Now, read (or have someone read to you) All About Magnetism and How it Works (Easy Science for KIDS).

When you are finished, move on to the Got It? section.

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