Solving and Graphing Inequalities

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Are inequalities always fair? It would be unfair to not show you how to solve algebra inequalities with number lines! With helpful videos, worksheets and online sources, learn about math inequalities!


Expressions and Equations, Pre-Algebra

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When you hear the word inequality, what comes to mind? What do those symbols above mean?

  • Did you think of inequalities between genders or races?

Well, today you are going to be talking about inequalities in math (No, you are not comparing whether addition or multiplication is better); you will be reviewing inequalities in algebra.

An inequality is the relationship between two expressions that are not equal. You would use the signs <, >, ≤, ≥ (not equal to).

Watch Learn How to Solve Inequalities (, below) to learn about using a number line:

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Continue your study with the Very Basics of Graphing Inequalities (on a number line) video below:

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