Size Patterns

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Did you know that eggs and other foods that look alike come in different sizes? They are sorted by size before they are packaged. Patterns can be made by sizes, too, even when the objects look alike!


Counting and Cardinality, Plane Geometry (2D)

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Lesson Plan - Get It!


What do you notice about the pattern below? Are the triangles in any particular order?


If you have worked through the other lessons in our Patterns series, you learned how to identify patterns that have different shapes and different colors.

If you missed them, you can catch up in the right-hand sidebar under Related Lessons.

In this lesson you will be looking at patterns that include shapes, colors, and sizes. In the pattern below, you may have noticed that the yellow triangles change size throughout the pattern.

The pattern below is: small yellow triangle, big yellow triangle, small yellow triangle, big yellow triangle:


Remember, you will be looking for different patterns that include color, shape, and size. There are three things you have to look for!

Take a look at the pattern below. What colors do you see? What shapes do you see? Share your answers with your parent or teacher:


You can see there are orange stars and yellow triangles. What sizes do you see? Share your answers with your parent or teacher.

Did you tell your parent or teacher there are big shapes and small shapes? Your observation skills are excellent! Can you figure out what the pattern is? Tell your parent or teacher, then check your answer below:

The pattern is: big orange star, small yellow triangle, big orange star, small yellow triangle.

You did a great job learning to find patterns that include different colors, shapes, and sizes! That's a lot to look for!

In the Got It? section, you will practice identifying more patterns. Some of the patterns will be easy, and some of the patterns will be hard to find.

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