Identifying Polygons

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Geometry may not sound like fun unless you use it to draw a picture! Polygons are all around you, so you'd better get to know them! Play some polygon games and draw your favorite polygon picture, too!


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Can you spot the different polygons in the image above? There are a lot!

Polygons are 2-dimensional — or flat — shapes that have straight lines.

A triangle is an example of a polygon. You can see many triangles in the image above! Triangles have three straight lines connecting to make a closed figure.

Read through the page called Polygons from with your parent or teacher.

Next, learn more from this page, 2D Shapes Regular Polygons. Click on each polygon to learn more about it and to see examples.

Now take a look around your house or classroom.

  • Can you see any examples of polygons?
  • What polygons do you see?

Point them out to your parent or teacher, and don't forget to use their polygon name! This will be great practice for what you will do next, in the Got It? section.

Have fun!

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