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Express Yourself!

Use expressions and equations to solve math problems.

Jumpstart Expressions and Equations: Use Properties Of Operations To Generate Equivalent Expressions, Solve Real-Life And Mathematical Problems Using Numerical And Algebraic Expressions And Equations
CCSS 7.EE.1-3; 7.EE.4.a-b

Resource Subject
1 Polynomials Math
2 Quantities, Constants, and Variables Math
3 Easy Decimal Arithmetic: Keep It! Count Them! Move It Up! (All Operations) Math
4 Algebra Magic - Solving Two-Step Equations Math
5 Solving Multi-Step Equations with One Variable Math
6 Equations and Inequalities: Real-World Situations Math
7 Solving and Graphing Inequalities Math
8 Translating Words into Inequalities Math

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