College Admissions Tips for Homeschool Students

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This is it! You've got one shot at getting into the college of your choice, and there are a bazillion other applicants! How do you outshine the rest? Follow these tips and sell yourself to admissions!


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Imagine that your college application is being reviewed by admissions counselors at your first-choice school. There is one spot left and you are competing against five other applicants!

  • What will make your application stand out among the others?

Read on to find out!

Standardized Test Scores

Standardized testing has been an admissions requirement for many colleges for a long time. Although some schools are now making this optional, this does not typically apply to homeschool students. Standardized test scores are heavily weighed for homeschool students. If given the option, students might choose to take both the ACT and SAT so they can submit their best score.

SAT Subject Tests are also a good option for homeschool students. Subject tests can demonstrate your proficiency in a particular subject area. If you have a subject in which you plan to major, try to take a subject test relevant to your major.

AP Classes and Exams

AP classes are college-level classes taught by instructors who are certified by CollegeBoard. AP exams are offered once a year in the spring. AP classes and exams are becoming more common among applicants, and are a great way of demonstrating to admissions counselors your abilities and dedication.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is a great way to prove you can handle college-level classes, and also show you are able to be successful in a classroom environment.

Outside Validation of Learning

Many schools like to see more than just the parents' endorsement of their child's learning, which is why a college class or two can be helpful. Outside validation can come from standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, AP tests), recommendations from teachers and professors, awards, and participation in summer programs.

Unique Projects

Homeschool students have more opportunities to be creative with their learning, and colleges want to see that students have taken advantage of this. Schools look for students who show initiative and take advantage of their flexible learning environment.

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