How To Create a High School Transcript

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Colleges base their acceptances on what they know about a student. Your high school transcript is the key to their decision. Present yourself in the best light with these tips and online resources!


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Knowing how to create a high school transcript is critical because colleges and potential employers will want a snapshot of your child’s secondary academic program.

The high school transcript is a communication tool for students to share their academic successes with prospective colleges, trade schools, and employers.

It usually includes a list of courses taken, grades achieved in each course and the credit value assigned to the course, as well as a grade point average (GPA).

It may also include any awards received, SAT/ACT scores, and your child’s extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and community service projects.

It is important to begin documenting your child’s course work in 9th grade while the first year of high school courses and activities are fresh in your mind. Waiting until the latter years of high school can lead to feeling overwhelmed by the task.

Sample templates are a great place to start! You can easily adapt a sample to reflect your homeschooling style, but be sure to include all of the essential information. Some helpful links to sample templates and free GPA calculators are listed below:

If the idea of creating your own high school transcript still feels like a daunting task, Bridgeway Academy offers complete Homeschool Recordkeeping and Support. An experienced Bridgeway Academy advisor can meet with you to create a transcript that will showcase your child’s high school academics, achievements, and activities.

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