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Graphs can be a great way to convey data, but they can be boring too. Learn how to read and create graphs using pictures. You'll complete an online activity before completing your own pictograph.



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These graphics are all different ways of organizing and presenting data. They are organized and effective, but some might say they are a little boring. Can you think of a graph that might be more fun?

There are many ways to display data, so that it is nicely organized and easy to interpret.

You are probably most familiar with bar graphs. A pictograph or pictogram is another type of graph you can use to display and organize data, and it involves drawing pictures! Can you believe it?

Complete the Scholastic Study Jams Pictograph activity. Click on the geen Step By Step button. Use the Show Me! and Next buttons to move through the activity. You can always click the same button multiple times to see a step repeated.

When you are finished, click on the Watch Out! tab that sits between the Home and Try It! tabs.

Leave this page open when you are done, so you can come back to it in the Got It! section below.

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