Static Electricity: The Shocking Truth!

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A tissue paper butterfly? Spilled popcorn? Shocking! Join Bill Nye the Science Guy and watch videos and try fun experiments with balloons and salt and pepper to learn how static electricity works!


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  • Have you ever wondered what makes your hair stick straight up when you shuffle your feet on the carpet?
  • Have you ever been shocked when you touched a doorknob?
  • Does your hair stick up when you slide down a slide?
  • Do your socks stick to other clothes when they come out of the dryer?

It's caused by static electricity and it happens all the time.

In this lesson, you will investigate static electricity by watching entertaining videos and performing electrifying experiments. Something might even spark your imagination!

Get started by completing the activities in this section:

Watch SciShow Kids The Sticky Balloon Trick! to learn about how static electricity is created:

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  • What are some examples of static electricity from the video?
  • Can you think of other examples of static electricity?

Watch another fun video about static electricity!

Bill Nye the Science Guy Performs a Static Electricity Science Demonstration:

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  • What did you think about Bill Nye's experiment?

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