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Have you ever forgotten about important events or longed to relive them? If you keep a daily journal, you can look back to recall what happened and how you felt. Learn how to organize your thoughts!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Imagine that you are playing in the championship soccer game. The score is tied and there are three seconds left in the game. You have the ball. You dribble towards the goal. You shoot. You score! You must feel so excited to have scored the winning goal in the championship soccer game!

  • What can you do with all of ththoughts and feelings you have?

You can record them in a journal. When the day is over, find a quiet place and write down the events in your personal journal. Writing in journal is a way to preserve your memories, thoughts, and feelings. 

Print the Journal Writing Graphic Organizer found in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Use this t-chart to list reasons to write in a personal journal and brainstorm ideas for writing.

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