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Is it fun to get letters in the mail? People like real letters! It's fun to write letters; they can make people happy! Watch a video on how to write a letter, then read along with Alex and his Mom!



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  • Have you ever written a letter?

Maybe you've written to Santa or a grandparent.

  • If you have, what did you say in your letter?

If you haven't written a letter, think about someone you know you would like to write a letter to!

Though people do not write letters on paper as much as they did in the past, letters are still significant.

Letters sent through the mail were the main way for people to communicate across long distances. Today, there are other ways people communicate when they are far away from each other.

  • Can you name a few ways people who live far from one another communicate?

If you mentioned emails, texts, phone calls, or social-media messaging, those are all correct. Yet, writing a letter is more personal, and most people appreciate receiving a letter in the mail.

When writing a letter, there is a certain format you need to follow. That means there are special parts that need to be in a letter, and there is a particular way you need to put those parts together.

As you watch the video below, think about the different parts of a letter as she is describing them.

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  • Can you name the different parts of a letter?

Yes! Write these five parts down to have it handy when you are ready to write your letter.

  • heading
  • greeting
  • body
  • closing
  • signature

Now, listen to I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman, a book written in letters between a boy who wants an iguana and his mom. Enjoy!

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  • If you were Alex's mom, would you have given him an iguana? Why or why not?

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