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Do you scour YouTube to find steps on how to do something? Do you know how to create your own how-to presentation? Learn via video to bake cupcakes while preparing a speech to present your own talent!


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What is your special talent or skill? Why not share it with others!

Can you think of something you are really good at doing?

Are you a good baker or soccer player, or do you have a unique way to tie your shoes? Everyone has talents that make him or her unique. In this lesson, you will share your special talents with others by writing and presenting a how-to speech!

Begin by making a list of your talents or interests that you would like to share with others. Once you have a list, narrow down your choice to the one thing you would like to share. Think of that one special Thing that really sets you apart from the crowd – maybe it's something you learned in a special class, or a craft you learned from a family member!

Next, think of the steps necessary to complete the task. Choose something that can be completed in ten or less steps.

YouTube has many how-to videos. Watch this video entitled How to Bake Cupcakes - Cooking for Kids:

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Note what visual aids are used to help demonstrate the task to the audience.

Also, pay attention to the language used to explain the steps for making cupcakes. Share your observations with your parent or teacher.

You want to take care to think of all of the necessary ingredients, steps, and words you need in order to show your audience how to perform the activity so that they get the correct results!

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