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Did you know words live in families? They sort-of share the same names. What makes a cat, a hat, and a mat part of the same family? Watch a fun video, make and play some games, and meet the At Family!



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Did you know that words can be taken apart and changed to make new words? You already know the word "at." Can you make a new word by adding a letter to the word "at"?

Let's think about the word "at."

Say this word slowly to yourself. Slowly stretch each sound so you can hear the sounds that the "a" and the "t" make.

Write the word "at" on a piece of paper and, together with your parent or teacher, think of a few new words you can make with the word "at." Make a list of all the words you made.

When you are finished making your list, watch this Word Families 1: The Cat Sat | Level 1 | By Little Fox video and see if there are any words you missed. Maybe you have even more than the video! As you watch, listen carefully to hear the word "at" in all the words and focus on how word families work:

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Did you add any new words to your list? Take a moment to explain to your teacher what you learned from the video. Describe, in your own words, what "word family" means.

Great job! Isn't word building fun?

Get a pair of scissors and move on to the Got It? section for more practice!

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