My Five Senses: Even in Texts!

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What are your five senses? Did you know authors try to make your five senses come alive in books? Find out how!


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Can you sing along with The Five Senses Song | Silly School Songs:

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In this lesson, you will learn that authors write certain words in their books to reach your senses.

They try to write words that will make you feel like you can:

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This makes you more interested in the book. You will feel like you are right there in the story with the characters.

The first video you watched was a song about your senses. Now, let's read a book about the senses.

My Five Senses - (Read Aloud) from STEMHAX:

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Some words are good at reaching your senses. Others don't reach your senses.

Let's look at words that don't reach your senses as well:

  • can
  • that
  • name
  • and
  • my

These words don't have lots of details and aren't describing words.

Now, let's look at words that reach your senses better:

  • colorful
  • crack
  • fluffy
  • freezing cold
  • spicy

These words are so detailed that you feel like you're there.

Let's practice in the Got It? section!

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