How to Hook Your Reader

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How do you get a fish's attention when you go fishing? You use a hook with something that attracts the fish! If you want readers to "bite" and read your story, learn how to write a great introduction!



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  • When you meet someone for the very first time, what do you say to him or her?
  • Do begin talking to strangers as if you have always known them?
  • Do you ask questions?
  • Do you shake hands?
  • Do you introduce yourself?

Of course you introduce yourself! As an author, you need to introduce your reader to your topic. Are you ready to learn how to create an interesting introduction? Let's get started!

Why do writers write introductions?

Take a moment to talk with your teacher or parent about why writers write introductions.

Writers write introductions to introduce their readers to the subject of their writing. If we think about the other Related Lessons in this series found in the right-hand sidebar, a good introduction for our writing might be:

"Have you ever eaten an Oreo cookie? Do you eat your Oreo cookie the same way your friend does? Probably not! Today, you will learn how to eat an Oreo cookie."

In this introduction, we hooked our readers by asking them a question, and told them exactly what they were going learn about by reading this particular piece of writing.

Take a few minutes to watch Informational Writing for Kids- Episode 4: Writing an Introduction by Teaching Without Frills. As you watch, pay attention to the different ways a writer introduces writing to the reader:

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Did you learn about hooks? Share what you learned with your parent or teacher.

The hooks discussed in the video were:

  • surprising fact
  • question

If you were writing a hook about how to eat an Oreo cookie, what hook would you write? What about a hook about how to brush your teeth? Take a few minutes to talk with your parent or teacher about hooks that you could create for each of these prompts.

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