Vocabulary: Long E

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Be prepared to read a complete lesson on the three ways of spelling the long e sound! A game and online activity teach you an easy lesson that is hard to beat! Did you find all the long E sounds yet?


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Pete sneezes when he sees the seashells at the seashore. If he sneezes at the sea, what should he seek?

It's the long E again!

  • How many ways can one sound possibly be spelled?

You're probably familiar with the most common ways to spell the long E sound.

For example, ee:

  • see
  • feed
  • bee

The other common spelling is ea:

  • feat
  • near
  • streak

A less frequent spelling is e_e:

  • extreme
  • delete
  • Pete

Today, you will practice all three!

Continue on to the Got It? section to play a sorting game!

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