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Does it matter how you end a sentence. Does it matter how you end a sentence! Does it matter how you end a sentence? Yes! Which one do you think is correct? Learn the question words and question mark!



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What is that curly punctuation mark at the end of this sentence? Why is it there? Do you know? Do you want to find out?

A question mark is a type of punctuation that is found at the end of a question.

There are many ways to ask a question. In this lesson, you will learn the special words that are found at the beginning of sentences that ask questions. Throughout this lesson, you will see question words bolded at the beginning of a sentence that asks a question. Make sure you pay attention to these special bolded words.

Here is a list of words that begin with "W" that you should look for. These words are found at the beginning of sentences that ask questions. Ask your parent or teacher to read the list below aloud to you:

  • Why
  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Which
  • Was
  • Were
  • Would

There are so many words that begin with "W" that are used to begin a question. Take a look at all of the examples below. All of the examples begin with a W question word and end with a question mark:

Who gave the dog a bath?

dog getting a bath

Was the giraffe at a party?

party giraffe

Where are the puppies going?


Did you read all of the questions? You must be ready to try out your own question! Make up a question using one of the W words listed above for the picture below:

guinea pig

Your question was perfect! Now, you can add to your list of questions words. Not all questions begin with words that start with W. Ask your parent or teacher to read this new list of question words aloud to you:

  • How
  • Did
  • Do
  • Does
  • Is
  • Are
  • Can

Are you ready to read some more question sentences?

Excellent! Read the questions about the pictures below out loud:

Does the cat like the dog?

dog and cat

Are the owls tired?


Can the dog catch the Frisbee?

child playing with dog

Did you read all of the questions?

Great job! It's time for you to create your own sentence. Use the picture below to make a question sentence that starts with either How, Did, Do, Does, Is, Are, or Can. Ask your parent or teacher your question.


There are so many ways to write a question! Are you ready to have some fun? Move on to the Got It? section to play a question game.

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