What Is an Adjective?

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In this lesson you will explore and identify adjectives to describe nouns. You will choose activities using household items to develop your understanding of descriptive adjectives.



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What words can you use to describe this picture?

What words did you choose? Ask your instructor the words he/she would use? What part of speech are they called? What is an adjective? 

First watch this Adjectives Song video for an introduction to adjectives. Listen for the word "modify". What does the word "modify" mean? 

In this lesson you will use descriptive adjectives to modify (change or better explain) nouns. You can download an easy list (Awesome Adjectives List Grades 2, 3, 4) and an advanced list (Awesome Adjectives List Grades 5, 6) of adjectives to reference during the activities in this lesson. 

A descriptive adjective describes a noun or a pronoun.  

Read this sentence and picture, in your mind, what this sentence is describing 

  • The road led home.  

The word road is a noun. Try rewriting this sentence using descriptive adjectives to modify, or describe the noun. You can use the resource list to help you!  Think about words that describe the color, shape, and size of the noun. You may consider the following words to describe road; long, strange, wide, broad, familiar, winding.  

Here is an example of a sentence with more than one descriptive adjective for road.  

  • The dark, winding road led home.  

Dark and winding modify the noun road. Using adjectives in your writing helps the reader to create a mental picture.  Did the picture of the road change between the first example and the example including the descriptive adjectives?   

Fold a piece of paper in half. Label the left side adjective and the right side noun.  

Write down the following adjectives in the left column; soft, clever, brave, muddy, and exciting. On the right side of the paper think of a noun to match each adjective. There are many possible answers for this activity. Be creative. Look at the following example; 

adjective          noun 
smooth            stone

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