Words: We Go Together

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What are some things that almost always go together? Peanut butter and jelly? Macaroni and cheese? Pencil and paper? Words go together based on what they mean!


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Draw a picture of what you imagine when you read this word.


Keep reading to see some of the things you might have drawn!

  • What words did you think of when you read outside?

Here are some possibilities.

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  • Did you draw any of these things?

You are off to a great start!

Thinking about words that go together (or match!) helps you understand what words mean AND can even teach you new words.

One way words can be grouped is by the type of item they are.

When you put words into groups, those groups are called categories.

There are lots of categories. Some examples are colors, clothing, and weather.

  • Can you think of another type of category?

The words in a category will have meanings that match the meaning of the category.

Take a look!

A holiday is a day that celebrates something.

The category holidays would include the following words.

  • fun
  • special
  • Valentine's Day
  • parade

The following words would NOT go with the category holidays.

  • floor
  • doctor
  • mud
  • giraffe
  • What about the word gift?

The word gift could be a part of the category holidays because some people celebrate holidays with gifts.

Keep up the good work in the Got It? section!

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