Sharing Is Caring, Even When Reading!

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You know that you're supposed to share, but did you know you should also share about reading too? If you share about your life as a reader, it will encourage others to read as well! How great is that?


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Isn't reading just the best?

The puppet singing in this video thinks so too!

Reading Song for Kids | Book Song | I Love Reading from Fabulous Lemon Drops:

He shared his thoughts about reading.

  • Don't you want your turn to share?

When you share about your own reading, you get others excited to read too!

The more that everyone reads, the more that everyone gets to learn!

The puppet above sang about why he loves reading.

  • What do you like best about reading?

This picture shows my favorite part of reading:

love to read

In this lesson, you will learn how to share about your life as a reader because it will encourage you, and others, to read more!

There are many different ways to share about reading. Today, you will share about your life as a reader.

Let me show you what I'm talking about.

I made a poster of my reading life, so you could picture it!

I used these sentence stems to get started:

When I like to read:

Where I like to read:

Why I love to read:

The hardest part of reading for me:

My favorite books in elementary school:

I become a better reader by:

Once I answered those sentence stems, I put my answers all together on a poster that I decorated.

I thought if I decorated it, more people would want to look at it and learn more about me as a reader.

Take a look at my poster!

reading life poster

  • Are you excited for what's next?

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