Digraphs: 1 Sound, 2 Letters!

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You know that every letter has a sound. Did you know that sometimes two letters can make one sound? This lesson will tell you more!


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You must listen closely to many sounds in this lesson.

Practice listening closely.

  • Can you guess what makes these sounds in this video?

Image - Video

Keep going to see what else you need to listen for today!

In this lesson, you will learn that two letters can go together to make one sound.

This is called a digraph.


If you know the letters that can go together and the sounds they make, you will be able to read and spell better!

You just practiced hearing lots of sounds.

  • What other sounds do you need to listen for?


You are going to look at consonant digraphs today.

First, remember what a consonant is with the following video.

Image - Video

A consonant is a letter that is NOT a vowel.

A consonant is not A, E, I, O, U.

It is any of the other letters.


Watch this next video to see some digraphs!

Listen for what sound they make.

Image - Video

Like you heard in the song, here are the most common digraphs.






Try it in the Got It? section!

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