Expository Writing

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Exceptional expository writing exposes readers to examples and explanations of exciting topics! Using videos, a song, online stuff, and a Sandwich Chart, learn how to write about interesting subjects!



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Have you ever wanted to share information with someone? How do you organize your thoughts? What information do you choose to share?

What is expository writing? In the video Expository Writing Song below, you will listen to a catchy song to further understand expository writing:

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Expository writing is a way to share information. You begin with two important parts:  

  1. The first part is the introduction or topic sentence. This sentence introduces who, what, where, and when the information is about. 
  2. The body is the next part of your writing. This part expands on what all the information is about. In the video How to Plan & Write an Expository Essay below, you will see a visual model of writing a five paragraph expository essay:

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