Silent Letters: We Can't Be Silent About Them!

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Letters can be silent. Does that mean letters can also be loud? Hmm, we don't call them loud letters, but we do call them silent letters! Check out this lesson to see what this is all about!


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  • What does the word silent mean?

It means quiet, or no sound!

girl covering her mouth

  • What are some things that are silent?

Think of as many as you can!

Then, compare them with my ideas below!

In this lesson, you will learn how to spell with silent letters when writing words.

This will help your spelling and reading!

  • What are some of the things you thought of that are silent or quiet?

Here are some things I thought of:

Image - Video

  • Did you know some letters of the alphabet can also be silent?

These are letters that we see, but we don't say!

They are written but not pronounced.

Watch this!

Nessy Reading Strategy | Silent Letters | Learn to Read from Nessy:

Image - Video

Here are some letters that can be slilent:

Image - Video

Here are some words with silent letters:

Image - Video

Look at the words above again.

Image - Video

No, silent letters don't always go at the beginning. They can go in the middle of words or at the end of words too!

This song will help you see more words with silent letters!

Silent Letters / mb - tch - gh - sch - kn / Phonics Song from English4abc:

Image - Video

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