Common Latin Root Words

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Expanding your academic vocabulary becomes much easier when you are familiar with root words. They're like vocabulary LEGO bricks! This lesson will focus on some of the most common Latin roots.


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Close your eyes and picture a huge tree in your mind. Think of the roots, the trunk, the branches, and the leaves.

The structure of trees has a lot in common with words!

In language, there are roots, or word parts that can be used like building blocks to make other words.

Many of our root parts come from Latin and Greek. In this lesson, you'll learn about common Latin roots.

tree with roots

  • Ready to dive in?
  • What word part do these words have in common: inscribe, prescription, manuscript, postscript, describe?

All of these words have a form of scribe / script.

  • What do each of those words mean?

  • Based on these definitions, what do you think the root scribe / script might mean?

light bulb

The root scribe / script means to write.

When you see this root used in a word, you'll have an idea what it means even if you're unfamiliar with the specific word as a whole.

Give this drag-and-drop interactive a try to see how well you can identify words that share a root.

Drag each word and drop it in the space for each root:

  • Based on the words associated with each root, are you able to guess what each of those roots might mean?

question mark

The table below includes many common Latin roots and there meanings. Check your guess on the drag-and-drop activity as you review these roots.

Latin Root Meaning
  1. ambi
  • both
  1. aqua
  • water
  1. aud
  • to hear
  1. bene
  • good
  1. brev
  • short
  1. cent
  • hundred
  1. circum
  • round / around
  1. dict
  • to say
  1. form
  • shape
  1. fort
  • strength
  1. ject
  • to throw
  1. jud / jur / just
  • to judge / law
  1. log
  • thought
  1. mal
  • bad
  1. mater
  • mother
  1. mort
  • death
  1. multi
  • many
  1. omni
  • all
  1. pac
  • peace
  1. pater
  • father
  1. port
  • carry
  1. scrib / script
  • write
  1. sens / sent
  • to sense / to feel
  1. struct
  • to build
  1. terr
  • earth / land
  1. vid / vis
  • to see
  1. voc
  • voice / to call


  • Feel like you have a good grasp on these roots?

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