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If your mom says your hands are dirty but you think they're clean you're using opposite words! The librarian says you're loud, you think you're talking quietly. Learn more about opposites with a song!



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What is a word that means the opposite of happy? If you're not feeling happy, maybe you are feeling ______. Read on to figure out how to fill in the blank!

Did you think of a word that means the opposite of happy?

"Sad" and "angry" are words that mean the opposite of happy. We can also say that angry and sad are antonyms of happy because they have the opposite meaning. An antonym is any word that means the opposite of another word.

sad and happy

Let's dive right in and start looking at examples of antonyms!

Look at the example below. The stove is hot. What is an antonym for the word "hot"? Don't forget, an antonym is a word that has an opposite meaning:


An antonym for the word "hot" is cold. Hot and cold are opposites.

Take a look at the next example. The teddy bear is soft. What is an antonym for the word "soft"? Tell your parent or teacher:

teddy bear

The antonym for the word "soft" is "hard." Hard and soft are opposites.

Finding antonyms for words is easy! All you have to do is think of something that means the opposite.

Take a look at the pictures below. Tell your parent or teacher the antonyms of each picture. For example, the monster is ugly and the girl is pretty. Pretty and ugly are antonyms -- they have opposite meanings. Identify the remaining five antonyms you see in the pictures below:


Did you have fun finding all of the antonyms? Some suggested answers are listed below:

  • pretty and ugly
  • happy and sad
  • big and small
  • young and old
  • wet and dry
  • short and long

Now you know that antonym is just another word for opposite. Let's learn a song about opposites (antonyms)! Sing along to The Opposites Song by Kids TV 123:

Image - Video


After watching the video and singing along, tell your parent or teacher three antonyms you heard in the song.

After sharing, move on to the Got It? section to play an antonyms game!

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