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You know your ABCs and 1-2-3s! Now, how do you put those together so the ABCs are in 1-2-3 order? Find out!


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Read or listen to each of the riddles below and try to guess the letter!

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  • How many did you guess correctly?

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It looks like you know your alphabet!

In this lesson, you will learn more about the order of the letters of the alphabet.

This will help you know the order of letters, words, and everyday life.

Many things are organized based on the letters of the alphabet, like the order of movies, books, and files on the computer.

It also helps with phonics, spelling, and word study!

Alphabetical order is when you look at words and which letter they start with so you can put them in order.

Just like the ABCs always go in the same order, you use that order to put words that start with those letters in the same order.

Take a look!


  • See all these words?

They are scrambled all over and not in a specific order. What a mess!

To put them alphabetically, you need to do the following.

  1. Think of the alphabet's letters and the order they go in.
  1. Then, look at the first letter that each word starts with. Knowing the order of those letters in the alphabet, put the words in that same order.

So, you would put the word apple first because it starts with a. The letter b comes next, so the word book is next. You can follow ABC order until you get to the letter h.


The words hungry and happy both start with h!

  • What now?
  • How do you know which h word comes first?

If words start with the same first letter, then you look at the second letter in the words and see which one comes before the other one in the alphabet.

Both words start with h, so look at the second letters: a and u. When you go through the alphabet, you know that a comes before u, so happy goes before hungry in alphabetical order.


If you had words like hamburger and happy with the same first two letters, look at the third, fourth, and so on! Since m comes before p in the alphabet, hamburger would go before happy.

  • Does it make sense?

Watch the video below to review.

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Awesome job!

You are ready to move on to the Got It? section.

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