Choose Your Book and Treat It Well!

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As you grow, you will be reading more and more! There are so many books to choose from though! How do you know which one to read? And how can you take care of that book so others can enjoy it too?


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Did you know that some kids think they don't like to read?

That might seem like a hard problem to fix, but it's not!

All it takes to enjoy reading is to find a book that interests you!

Rowling quote

  • If all it takes to love reading is to find books that you love, what are we waiting for?

Let's get started!

Learning how to choose books you enjoy and how to take care of them will encourage you to read more.

  • What happens when you read more?
choose a book

Read this poem about how wonderful it can be once you open a book and begin!

Open A Book
     by Jane Baskwill

Open a book

And you will find

People and places of every kind;

Open a book

And you can be

Anything that you want to be;

Open a book

And you can share

Wondrous worlds you find in there;

Open a book

And I will too

You read to me

And I'll read to you.

open book

Uh oh, we're getting ahead of ourselves though!

Before you open a book, you need to choose the right one first!

library secret

  • So how do we do that?

Head over to the Got It? section, and we will figure it out together!

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