Superlatives: the Best and the Worst

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What's the most delicious food you've eaten? What's the scariest thing you've seen? Learn the language of superlatives to describe your experiences and feelings...and learn some geography trivia, too!


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Look at these foods.

pizza, ice cream, and salad


  • Which is the sweetest?
  • Which is the greasiest?
  • Which is the healthiest?
  • Which is the most delicious?

You likely said ice cream is the sweetest, salad is the healthiest, and pizza is the greasiest.

  • But what did you say was the most delicious?

Sweetest, healthiest, greasiest, and most delicious are all adjectives in superlative form. We use the superlative form of adjectives to compare three or more people, places, and things like food!

Let's look at some rules and examples.

  • What adjectives can you think of to describe school teachers?

Let's see if any of your ideas are in the examples below.

  • For short (one syllable) adjectives, add the before the adjective and -est to the end of the adjective.
  nice the nicest
  smart the smartest
  cool the coolest


Example: My math teacher is the nicest teacher in school.

math teacher

  • For adjectives ending in y, add the before the adjective and change the y to an i and add est.
  funny the funniest
  healthy the healthiest
  pretty the prettiest


Example: My physical education teacher is the funniest teacher I have ever had.

gym teacher

  • For two or more syllable adjectives, add the most before the adjective.
  interesting the most interesting
  boring the most boring
  popular the most popular


Example: My social studies teacher is the most interesting teacher in school.

social studies teacher

  • And, of course, we have some irregular adjectives such as:
  good best
  bad worst
  far farthest


Example: My art teacher is the best teacher in the whole school.

art teacher

Watch the following video to review what you just learned about superlatives.

Superlatives | Superlative Adjectives | English for Kids | Grammar for Kids from Miss Puppi:

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