Bacteria and Fungi: Where Are You?

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A table. A chair. Even your favorite toy. What do these have in common? These are all things that may be crawling with bacteria. Did you know that bacteria can be found ANYWHERE, even on YOU? Bleh!


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Did you know that this is picture displays just one of thousands of different types of bacteria that can be seen when bacteria is viewed under a microscope? Kind of strange, huh?

You are on a mission!

Try to make a list of 5 (five) things can that be found almost EVERYWHERE! Ready, Set, Go!

How hard was it to make a list of things that are found almost everywhere in our world? You may have said that air can be found everywhere, but did you know that bacteria (singular = "bacterium") and fungi (singular = "fungus") can be almost everywhere, too? Go ahead and touch your table, your chair, or even your favorite toy; all three of those have bacteria and fungi on them! Sounds gross, right? How can you tell if something has bacteria or fungi on it? Join Dr. Jo to find out how!


As you saw in the experiment, bacteria and fungi can be found almost everywhere, even in your own saliva! When Jo compared her saliva to Flo’s, you saw that there were some bacteria and fungi in both sections of the petri dish. Bacteria and fungi like to grow in warm places and in colonies. That may sound a little gross at first, but can you think of other places that bacteria and fungi can grow on?

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