Creating a Magnetic Lift!

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Electricity and nails are two common things we use every day. But do you know what happens when you COMBINE them? Join Dr. Z to find out what makes things called "electromagnets" so "attractive"!



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How do you think this crane is able to pick up and drop such a heavy load?

As we begin to study circuits and electromagnets, it is important to have an understanding of how circuits work — and even how to create a circuit using common objects.

Circuits can be found in lamps, light switches, television sets, vacuums, and even cars. Circuits are very useful when powering certain appliances that use electricity.

  • But what about electromagnets?
  • What IS an electromagnet?

This may be a great question to ask Dr. Z, so let’s join him and see what is going on in his crazy lab today:

Continue on to the Got It? section to discover more places to find electromagnets!

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