Measure It Up!

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How far is it to your friend's home? How much bigger is a fire truck than your car? Are you taller than you were when you were born? If you need to know such things, how do you find out? Find out now!


Measurement and Data, Scientific Method

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  • Can you count how many different length nails are in the picture below?

It might be hard to tell just by looking at them. You need a . . . well, you'll find out!

different sized nails

In the world, there are LOTS of different heights, widths, and lengths of objects.

You can have lots of items that look the same — or even are the same thing — yet have different lengths. For instance, not every dog has the same height or length. Even the food farmers grow, such as tomatoes, are never the same size. B

  • Have you ever noticed that all humans are never the exact same size at the exact same time?

Everyone grows to different heights!

different sized dogs & tomatoes, and a child in adult shoes

Let's say you go to the doctor's office and they need to find out how tall you are.

  • What do they do to find out how tall you are?

They MEASURE how tall you are!

Speaking of doctors, continue on to the Got It? section to see what Dr. Z has to say!

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