Water Pollution

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Would you go to a garbage dump to play on a sunny day? How about drinking water from a fish tank? Oooh, gross! We want fresh water, and must learn to keep it clean, so read on and learn how to help!


Earth Science

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Have you ever seen water that had garbage in it? Would you want to swim in it, cook in it, or drink it? How do you think aquatic (water) animals would like that?

The Earth is a place people need to protect, but so often people forget about protecting Earth's water!

Water pollution is a serious problem that affects everyone around the world. Water pollution can occur in lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, oceans, and even in the ground water. Pollution occurs when people throw trash into water, use chemicals like pesticides and lawn chemicals, and leave trash near running water.

Pollution isn't always easy to spot. Take a look at the beautiful lake pictured below. Even though the lake looks clean, there still may be pollutants in the water. Always remember, even if water looks clean, you should never drink unfiltered water. This can make you very sick.


What do you think would happen to this lake if people dumped their trash in it? How do you think it would affect the animals and plants that live there? Share your answers with your parent or teacher.

When people use water as a trashcan, they affect all the animals that live there. The more the water is polluted, the less oxygen the water will have. This kills off the fish and any other aquatic animals that live in the water. Water pollution can kill all the plants and animals that live in a body of water. It can also harm animals that rely on that body of water for drinking water.

Oceans are frequently used as trashcans as well. People dump loads and loads of garbage into the ocean. This is extremely harmful to all the animals and plants that live in the ocean. It also affects humans as well. The fish people catch out of the ocean to eat can have poisons in them. The polluted water affects the fish we eat and can cause health problems for anyone who eats a lot of fish.

polluted ocean

Even though humans have done a significant amount of damage to the Earth's water, there is still hope that we can clean polluted waters. Read on to find out how you can help stop water pollution!

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