Important Civil War Battles

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Wars are made up of battles, some large, some small, but all vital to the outcome. Research and make a timeline of many important Civil War battles as you follow the war's progress!


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  • Have you ever been watching a movie, and something unexpected happened?

Watch the movie clip below about a young girl in class.

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  • Why was the girl's teacher surprised?
  • Were you surprised the girl could do math like that in her head, too?
  • What does this have to do with the Civil War?

Keep reading to find out!

During the Civil War, the Union and Confederate armies fought over 10,500 battles. However, only about 50 are considered significant battles today.

  • Why is that?

Although many battles make up a war, only a few can change the course of that war. Often, those battles had an outcome that was unexpected at the time.

Battle of Gettysburg

As you look at a few battles considered the most important in the Civil War, complete the requested information in the space below. Use these resources as well as your own online research.

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  • Which battle did you find to be the most interesting?
  • Which battle do you think had the most significant impact on the outcome of the war?
  • At which battle did the Confederate leader surrender?

Be sure to print out or save your work so you can use it in the Got It? section!

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