The Power of Ancient Rome

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Do you think your country will last forever, or has been around forever? Countries come and go, but many live on in some way. Learn about one of the biggest and most influential empires of long ago!



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Ancient Rome ruled Europe for about 1000 years and was extremely powerful.

In fact, Ancient Rome remains a great influence on a great many modern-day societies throughout the world.

map of the Roman Empire

Ancient Rome had an impact on American government, architecture, language, and literature. For the first 200 years, Rome was led by kings, and the Romans were a part of a kingdom. Eventually, people felt that they were not being treated fairly, and they formed a republic.

  • The republic was a form of government where many people — men in this case — ran the country.

The republic of Rome lasted for about 500 years until Rome became an empire.

  • An empire is ruled by an emperor, who is similar to a king.

Ancient Rome is considered one of the most powerful civilizations, which is obvious by its long history and influence on modern culture. When you think of the United States of America, consider that it was founded about 250 years ago, whereas the Roman civilization lasted approximately five times as long.

Visit the following websites and take note of at least two interesting facts you learn. In addition, research what was important to the Romans at that time, their language and alphabet and what the Romans would fight for during wars. Your notes from this will be beneficial for a later activity in the Go! section:

In the video below, follow along as you learn more history about Ancient Rome. Take notes of useful information as you watch A history of Rome in less than 10 minutes, by Ellie Arnold.

While watching the video, answer the following questions:

  • How long did Rome rule?
  • Who used to run the government?
  • What are the names for different types of government?
  • How did Ancient Rome impact the United States (or your country) today?

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These notes may come in handy in the Got It? section, where you will be challenged on what you remember!

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