Counting Syllables

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Do you clap when you like a song or a play? Do you like to read? You can combine the two and clap as you read! That will help you sound out parts of words to read better!



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  • Did you know your name is made of syllables?
  • Wow! What are they?

All words are made up of syllables.

A syllable is a word part. Every syllable contains one vowel sound. Remember that the vowels are a, e, i, o, and u.

Look at the word September.

  • Can you break September into three syllables?

Try clapping your hands as you read each syllable: Sep - tem - ber.

  • Did you notice that each syllable has one vowel?

When you count syllables, you can clap each part of the word to make a beat. Clap the beats in words as you watch the video below.

Image - Video

You learned how to clap the beats and syllables in words!

Look at the pictures below and clap the syllables in each word.

Now you are ready for more practice with clapping syllables in the Got It? section!

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