The Alamo

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Who is your hero? Is there someone you look up to and are proud of? Sometimes, our heroes are pretend, like Spiderman and Batman. Read about some real-life heroes who fought for what they believed in!


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Have you ever heard of Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett? They were real people who made the Alamo famous. To find out more about this legendary building and how Texas was won from Mexico, read on!

The Alamo was built in 1744 in San Antonio, Texas.

Despite the battle that occurred there years and years ago, the Alamo still stands tall. During this lesson, you will learn about the construction of the Alamo, its purpose, and the battle that was fought there. Ready to go? Fantastic!

the Alamo

On May 8th, 1744, the construction of the Alamo began. This building was created as a church by the Spanish Franciscan friars who wanted to spread Christianity to the people living in the area. It was built out of limestone. During the building process, everything collapsed except the walls surrounding the outside of the building. The church was not completed until it was used by the U.S. Army years later.

the Alamo

In the 1820s, Americans began to live in what is now known as San Antonio, Texas. Texas was still a part of Mexico. Many Americans in Texas became Mexican citizens during this time. When Santa Anna took power with the Mexican movement in 1832, the people in Texas were not very happy with Santa Anna's methods. The people of Texas rebelled against Santa Anna and declared their independence from Mexico. This started a war.

General Santa Anna led his troops to Texas to fight for Texas. He had over one thousand five hundred Mexicans ready to fight to retake Texas. Meanwhile, back in Texas, James Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis had two hundred people to defend Texas. Even though the odds were against them, James Bowie and his men defended Texas and the Alamo.

On February 23rd, 1836, the Mexican troops arrived at the Alamo. They fought to get inside the fort for thirteen days. Finally, on March 6th, the Mexican troops entered the fort. Unfortunately, the Texans lost the battle against Santa Anna. This loss led to all of Texas fighting against Mexico. The people in Texas viewed the people of the Alamo as heroes and wanted to fight in honor of them and towards freedom from Mexico. Sam Houston led the people of Texas in the battle of San Jacinto and won! Texas became independent of Mexico on December 29th, 1845.

the Alamo

The Alamo gets over two-and-a-half million visitors per year. It is a symbol of resisting oppression and fighting for freedom. This special building reminds the people of America about the importance of making heroic decisions and standing up for what you believe in.

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