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"Why do we need punctuation it is very important because you want people to know what you mean don't you certainly you do" -- What was that? Sentences without punctuation! Review those marks with us!



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What are these punctuation marks? They are important. Find out why!

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If you completed the previous Related Lessons in the Punctuation series, you are ready to review!

If not, you have nothing to review, so find them in the right-hand sidebar.

A punctuation mark will be found at the end of a sentence. You learned about periods, exclamation marks, and question marks. Now it's time to review how to use periods, exclamation marks, and question marks to end sentences.

A period can be found at the end of a statement. Whenever you see a period at the end of a sentence, you should pause. A period tells you when a complete thought is finished. Read the sentences below aloud to your parent or teacher. All of these sentences end with a period.

The cat is orange.

orange cat

The pig is small.

small pig

Exclamation marks, or exclamation points, can be used to show emotion in your writing. You can use an exclamation mark to show you are excited, to shout, to show a loud noise being made, to give an order, and to show that something needs to happen quickly. Read the examples below aloud to your parent or teacher. Make sure you say them with feeling!

This is fun!

paint-covered girl

I am mad!

angry boy

Clean up your room!

girl in messy room

You can use a question mark to ask a question. The list of words below show words that are used to ask questions. With the help of your parent or teacher, read the question words in the boxes aloud:

  • why
  • when
  • would
  • does
  • who
  • which
  • how
  • is
  • what
  • was
  • did
  • are
  • where
  • were
  • do
  • can


Read the examples of questions below aloud to your parent or teacher:

Is there pizza?


Are the dogs hungry?

hungry dogs

When are we going to the zoo?

family at the zoo

You saw many different examples of how to use periods, exclamation marks, and question marks. In the Got It? section, you will play some fun games that will help you practice using these punctuation marks!

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