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How many fingers do you have? How many toes do you have? Do you know how to add numbers together? Here's some simple practice as well as a ball game you can play to learn how to add numbers up to ten!



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How would you solve the problem below?


What strategy did you use to solve the problem above?

Explain how you solved the problem to your parent or teacher.

Did you know each monkey represents a number? The easiest way to solve the problem is to count all the monkeys on both sides of the "+" sign to get the total. Begin by counting the first three monkeys, then move to the other side of the "+" or addition sign, and count up four more. There are seven monkeys in all.

Now, let's look at the monkeys as numbers. Take a look at the problem below. If you were to write this problem with numbers only, it would look like the problem below the picture.


3 + 4 = 7

You will try to solve this next problem on your own. Take a look at the soccer balls. How many balls are there in all? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

soccer balls

How many are there?

That's right! There are nine balls in all. Look at how the addition problem is written below. There are six balls before the addition sign. The number six (6) is written beneath the six balls. An addition sign (also known as plus sign) is written next to show you are adding. The addition sign says you need to count all the numbers on the left side of the addition sign, and keep counting, or adding on, the number on the right side.

There are three balls in the next set. The number three (3) is written beneath the three balls. Next comes the equals sign. The equals sign tells you that the next number will show how much the two numbers make when they are added together. At the end of the problem, you will write the nine (9) because six plus three equals nine. Nine is the answer to the problem.

soccer balls

6 + 3 = 9

You learned how to add two numbers together! Don't forget, addition happens when you take two sets of objects or two numbers and combine them. The combined number is your answer to your addition problem.

Move on to the next section to practice adding numbers up to ten. You will practice using pictures and using numbers.

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