Mean, Median, and Mode PRACTICE

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Finding the MEDIAN doesn't MEAN you have to go into "math is too hard" MODE. With some video help and a wide RANGE of practice problems you'll even be able to find a missing value given just the mean!


Statistics and Probability

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  • Can you tackle some mean problems with a smile on your face?

Let's find out in this lesson, with practice problems on mean, median, and mode!

To get started, let's do a quick review of mean, median, and mode.

What better way than with an example?

Find the mean, median, and mode for this set of data:

7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 6, 8, 9, 11, 10.

If you need a quick reminder of these terms, here it is:


  • the average — Add all the numbers in a set and divide by the total numbers in the set.


  • Find the middle number when the numbers are listed from least to greatest. (HINT: If there are two middle numbers, add them together and divide by 2.)


  • the number that appears the most in the set

And why not throw in an extra?


  • the highest number in the set minus the smallest number in the set

Okay, your turn!

Figure out the mean, median, and mode of the data set above on a piece of paper.

Then, come back and check your work. No peeking before you have tried!

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  • How did you do?
  • Did you get the answers correct?

If not, please try it again looking at the step-by-step explanations above.

Once you feel ready, go to the Got It? section for some more practice.

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