Dermis: Going Deeper Into the Skin

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Don't sweat over learning about the skin! Does that thought make the hair on your arm stand up? How does that happen? If you study hard and complete this lesson, you can bake and eat a layer cake!


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Do you know where your sweat comes from? Where are your fibroblasts? There is a whole world going on inside your skin, and you will be amazed and grateful!

If you haven't yet studied the second Related Lesson in our Skin series, check it out in the right-hand sidebar before you delve into this one!

skin diagram

Skin is made of layers. The top layer is the epidermis. The middle layer of skin is the dermis and is hidden under the epidermis. This is where sweat comes from (sweat glands), and where your nerves and blood vessels are.

  • Have you ever thought about your skin?
  • Have you ever had a cut that was deeper than a scrape?

Answer these questions in your notebook. Keep your notebook handy as you watch Skin 4, Dermis by Dr. John Campbell and take notes:


Now you know about the dermis and the importance of the second layer of skin. Use your notes from the video to explore YOUR world. Discuss with your parents and friends what you learned about the layers of the skin. See if you can come up with at least three ways the dermis keeps you healthy!

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