Forces - Push and Pull

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Swinging a swing, kicking a kickball, punching a punching bag -- all need either a push or a pull from you! With videos, worksheets, games, and a homemade marshmallow shooter, learn about forces!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • How is the little girl in the above picture able to move the swing?

Forces are in motion all around you!

Science explains why this is ture. Have fun exploring how pushing and pulling makes things move as you watch interesting videos, use online resources, and experiment with a fun, hands-on project!

Watch SciShow Kids Swings, Slides, and Science to learn about forces, motion, and friction:

Watch Forces, push and pull to learn about things that can be pushed, pulled, or both. Pause the video to have someone read it to you if necessary:

Discuss what you have learned with your teacher.

  • How is the girl in the picture above able to move the swing?

Explain what happens.

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