Community Helpers: Construction Workers

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Where do buildings come from? Do they grow up like trees? Construction workers use cool big machines and lots of equipment to build and fix roads and houses. Get ready to move some dirt and have fun!


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Have you ever felt a big bump while on a drive in the car? You may have hit a pothole! Do you know who is responsible for fixing the roads when they are cracked and broken?

Construction workers are responsible for keeping your roads from falling apart and becoming dangerous.

There are many roads all over the country. The construction workers in your community are responsible for fixing yours. They use different types of equipment to fix the roads. Construction workers build new roads and fix old roads.

Not all construction workers work on roads, though. Some construction workers work on buildings like houses and stores.

  • Have you ever seen a construction site?

Share your story with your parent or teacher.

construction site

One way you can identify a road construction site is by looking for the objects below.

  • Do you know what they are called?

Share your answer with your parent or teacher:

traffic cones

That's right! They are called traffic cones or cones for short. These cones show drivers where they need to drive and tell drivers that there is a road construction site nearby. Cones are there for safety reasons. You always want to stay outside of the cones because there could be dangerous equipment inside the road construction zone!

When construction workers fix or build new roads, they use special machines and equipment. You will almost always see construction workers wearing safety gear like hardhats, steel toe boots, and reflective vests. This keeps them safe when they are using dangerous equipment. You may also see big machines like bulldozers, forklifts, dump trucks, and backhoes. This equipment is used to fix and build new roads.

road crew

Construction workers also work on buildings like houses, schools, and stores. These construction workers also wear safety gear.

  • Can you remember what kind of safety gear construction workers wear?

Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

That's right! Construction workers were reflective vests, hardhats, and steel toe boots. This equipment keeps them safe. Building construction sites are usually fenced in to keep people out. You should always stay outside of construction zones because there may be dangerous equipment or machines that can hurt you.

orange fencing

You learned a lot about construction workers! Tell your parent or teacher how construction workers help people in their community.

When you are finished sharing, move on to the Got It? section to see construction work in action!

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