Percent to Decimals: What to Do? Just Move Two!

Contributor: Briana Pincherri. Lesson ID: 11410

All clothing is 45% off the regular price! Sounds good, if you can figure out how much that is and if you have enough money! Learn how to change a percentage to a workable decimal. It's 100% simple!


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You see an irresistable sale at the mall on something you've been wanting, but you aren't exactly sure how to figure out the price you will pay. What do you do? Do you have enough money to purchase it?

A goal for the next few lessons is to help you understand how to find percentages of numbers, and from that, be able to find out sale prices, discounts, and tips.

These are all skills you use in the real world, and being able to do them yourself is pretty easy. The first thing you need to be able to do before you get to those topics, however, is convert from percentage to decimal.

To convert from a percent to a decimal:

  • Think about where the decimal would be in the percent (usually there isn't one showing, so it would be at the end of the number!).
  • Move the decimal to the left two places (KEY STEP!).
  • Drop the percentage sign, and you officially have yourself a decimal that is equivalent to the percentage!

Let's take a look at an example in this video, Percent to Decimal by Math Meeting:


As the video noted, the only thing you have to remember and do is MOVE THE DECIMAL TWO PLACES TO THE LEFT! Easy enough! It is time for some practice problems in the next section.

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