Bugs Make Flowers Grow

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Bugs like flowers! They can do what we can't: fly over them and step on them! Do you know why they walk around on them? Maybe it makes their feet tickle, but there's a more important reason. Find out!


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Flowers are beautiful and have so much more to offer than just beauty.

Bugs have a lot to do with how flowers grow. This lesson will teach you the relationship bugs have with making flowers!


  • Have you ever noticed a bee buzzing around a flower?
  • Did you ever wonder why the bee is there?

Consider whether or not you have ever seen a bug, like a bee or a ladybug, attracted to a flower.

  • Why do you think certain bugs are attracted to certain flowers?

For instance, a honeybee is attracted to bright flowers.

As the bee lands on the flower, pollen sticks to its body. In the following video, you will see why this is important in helping flowers grow.

Image - Video

In your notebook, write down answers to the questions below.

  • What types of animals and insects are pollinators?
  • What did you learn about pollen?
  • What is pollination?
  • Why is pollination important to flowers?
  • What is the pollinator's role in pollination?

At a later time, teach what you've learned to someone. See what they know about bugs and how the pollination of flowers works.

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