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Syllabification. That's a big, hard-to-say word, but it is one of the games you'll play as you learn to pronounce words by cutting them into pieces. Hold your jaw, clap, stomp, and chomp to get it!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


"Halloween" is a big word. Without looking at the word, can you spell "Halloween"? It is OK if you don't know how. In this lesson, you will learn some tricks on how to spell and read big words. I hope it will be a real treat!

The first way to learn how to spell and read big words, is to break them up into smaller parts.

All words can be broken up into beats, or syllables. There are two good ways to break a word into syllables:

  • One way is to place you hand under your jaw and say the word. Each time your jaw moves down, that is a syllable. Say "Halloween." How many times did your jaw move down? It should have moved three times.
  • Another way to find syllables is to clap it out. Clap out the word" Halloween." You should have clapped three times. You can break up the word "Halloween" into three syllables: hal – lo- ween.

Let's practice breaking up some more words into syllables with this Learn Syllables | Syllable Song or Clap, Stomp and Chomp | Jack Hartmann video (below). In this video, Jack claps, stomps, and chomps out the syllables. Enjoy!


Did you have fun moving to the song and finding the syllables?

You can also play this game, Syllabification, by SmartTutor. In this game, you will practice how to use feeling your jaw as a way to find the syllables of a word. (This game requires Abode Flash and cannot be opened in Chrome.)

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