Reading High Frequency Words

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You'll watch videos and play games in this lesson until you master the words you see all the time when reading. They are called high frequency words. Get ready to have fun!


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Take a closer look at high frequency words!

In this lesson, you will practice reading the most commonly used words. Your goal is to be able to read each word correctly within 3 seconds.  

You might be thinking, “What are high frequency words? 

  • High frequency words are the most common words you see when you read.  
  • Many of these words cannot be sounded out and must be identified quickly and correctly. 

Before you begin, print the appropriate-aged High Frequency Word Assessment Sheet (levels preprimer through grade three) found in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. 

Pre-test Assessment 

Read each word on the High Frequency Word Assessment Sheet to your teacher.

Words read correctly within three seconds are marked as correct. Words read incorrectly or after three seconds are marked as incorrect.

Your pre-test is over once you miss 5 or more words (or score less than 80%). You will take a post-test assessment after this lesson. A score of 80% is required to move on to the next level or grade of difficulty.

Let's look at the words you missed.

Make a list of the first 10 words that you read incorrectly or not within the time limits. Begin working with these words; then add in more words as you progress through the list.  

There are many ways to learn and practice your sight words. The videos in this lesson will help you practice reading, listening, and finding your new words. 

Watch 100 Sight Words Collection for Children - Doltch Top 100 to help you quickly recognize high frequency words. Echo the words as you see and hear them:

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