Stay Focused: Focus on Reading

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Do you ever start thinking about other things while reading, like about what is for lunch or dancing pigs? That happens to ALL readers! Learn some tricks to help you stay FOCUSED!


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  • Does your mind ever start thinking about something else when you are trying to pay attention?

There are some tricks proven to help you stayed focused, like:

  • holding a small toy to fidget with while working on a task
  • setting a timer and only working on a task for a certain amount of time
  • not putting off a task but jumping right into starting it
  • Have you ever tried any of these tricks?
  • Have you found anything else that works to help you focus?

If so, I'm so glad that you found something that works for you!

Keep reading to learn more about focusing, especially while reading. It's a skill that everyone can work on!

  • What does it mean to focus?

Watch Sesame Street: Abby and Emmy Rossum Stay Focused!:

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  • Have dancing pigs ever distracted you?

Probably not, but sometimes it can be really hard to focus, especially when reading.

A good reader always tries to pay attention to what is happening in the book.

But all readers can lose focus and start to think about other things.

It is hard to remember what happened in a book if you were thinking about a lobster eating breath mints instead!

Anything can distract us. Maybe you start to think about your favorite movie or what you will do after the book is finished.

  • Has this ever happened to you?

Think about a time when you were reading and you got distracted.

  • What can you do to stay focused the next time you get distracted?

You can try these tricks:

  • Only read small sections of your book at a time.
  • Take notes while you read.
  • Choose a book that looks exciting.
  • Do not read somewhere too comfortable, like your bed, which might make you sleepy.
  • Read your book out loud.

Remember, all readers get distracted sometimes. It is okay!

If you find you were not paying attention, just read that part of your book again and try harder to focus!

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Let's go to the Got It? section to practice!

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